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Long time no talk everyone <3

Last weekend a group of friends and I did some archery lessons for fun. It was absolutely amazing and such a neat experience.
I’ve always wanted to do archery lessons so I could understand the fundamentals a lot better when drawing someone with a bow and arrow (there is someone that mayyyy be an archer in this comic hehehe) so it was great to get some insight on that, and even though the lessons were only for 1.5 hours I already learned quite a bit.

I definitely want to go back and learn some more!
Basic sword fighting is also on my list of lessons, because clearly there’s a lot of that in the story of ToF – and online lessons only get you so far haha.

With all the cool news out of the way, Those of Fate will be on hiatus until sometime in January. Not giving a set date since I don’t want to stress myself too much. With personal health problems, and a sickness in the family I’m finding it emotionally challenging to keep up. Instead of stressing myself out each week to get pages out, I’m going to take an extensive break this month and really focus on the pages, where the story is heading, and some updates to the website. If I have time with all this I may update some of the first few pages as well.


Thank you all for reading this comic so far. I’m so sorry the last little while has been such a roller-coaster with updates, but my goal is to get back to a regular schedule with no interruptions in the start of 2018!


Untill then, have a great rest of the year all <3


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